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江苏体彩网Youth is a book that cannot be closed when it is opened, life is a road that cannot be turned back when it is set, and love is a bet that cannot be taken when it is thrown away.


Youth is an algorithm. We are determined to diligently use addition, lazy to use subtraction, strive to use multiplication and misuse division. Over the years, life grows according to geometric coefficients; the direction is wrong, come back to zero.


Youth is like a bottle of pure mineral water, slightly tilted, and then tilted, it will flow away without hesitation.


Youth is a swimming journey, like treading on thin ice, trembling, but we have to hold on to those precarious fears, and resolutely move forward towards the warm season in which dreams blossom.


Laughter is salty, tears are sweet, our songs are sour; sweat is bitter, faith is hot, our youth is hot.


Youth, no matter how beautiful it is, is also a series of trifles linked together. Only these small bright spots shine and heat the whole youth will be able to burst out its most dazzling and brilliant sacred light.


江苏体彩网In so many days gone by, how many beautiful stars were blown down by the youth in the wind, and then they began to fly all over the sky, becoming the heavy snow that moistened the golden crops.


江苏体彩网A friend asked me whether she should choose a boat or a harbour. I said there are no unsinkable ships in the world.


江苏体彩网Many of the things we think we will never forget in our lifetime are forgotten by us in the days we will never forget.


Only grasp the present, can we gallop in the future, only grasp the present, can we enrich the illusory tomorrow, only grasp the present, can we create the brilliance of tomorrow!


江苏体彩网Youth is a pack of sunflower seeds symbolizing sunshine. If it is sprinkled now, it will be harvested in the future. That flower is full of youth.


江苏体彩网Youth, like a grand and magnificent play, we have different masks, play different roles, interpret different experiences, but have the same sadness.



江苏体彩网Youth is like mountains and rivers, stumbling all the way, leaving a scar, and every ditch will burst out a song.


In the rainy season of youth, the sky is always a little grey, just like their mood, always can not be so wishful as childhood as simple, naive laughter. Everything is not so satisfactory.


The world is yours and ours, but in the final analysis it is yours. You young people are full of vigor and vitality, when they are prosperous, like the sun at eight or nine o'clock in the morning. Hope rests on you.


Swears float far away like flowers in the wind. Youth leaves eternal wounds. Autumn comes and leaves are red. This season I harvest sadness.


Youth is not a time, but a state of mind; it is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and gentle knees, but of deep will, grand imagination and fervent feelings; it is the deep spring of life.


Life gives us a huge and infinitely noble gift, which is youth: full of strength, full of expectations and volunteers, full of aspirations for knowledge and struggle, full of hope, confidence and youth.


江苏体彩网Since I was a child, I have learned to protect myself. I know that the best way to avoid rejection is to reject others first.


Youth is not a time of life, but a state of mind; youth is not a peach face, red lips, soft knees, but a deep will, a grand imagination, passionate feelings; youth is the source of life constantly flowing.


What is success? It's all the way to failure. There's only one way left. That's the way to success.


江苏体彩网Sometimes, suffered grievances, originally did not want to cry, but as long as others ask you what's wrong, will be unable to help but shed tears.


江苏体彩网Walking along, it disappeared, memories faded; looking back, you disappeared, suddenly I was confused.


If I turn into a memory and quit this life, leaving you crying and crying, I can't hug you with my cold body. I hate myself for traveling alone with your loved ones.



Sorry, we are doomed to miss it. At first I thought that the greatness was emotion, and at last I could not see clearly that the toughness was fate.


Youth is one of the most active and dynamic forces in the whole society. They are most willing to learn and least conservative, especially in the socialist era.


江苏体彩网Optimism is the only secret to good health. Often worries and anger are enough to make a healthy body weak and superfluous.


Do you know what the flower language of the stars is? Is willing to play a supporting role. I hold my love for you like a robber with stolen goods.


江苏体彩网Like the warm sun in May, youth is full of vigor; like the new buds of the earth, youth is full of vigor, like a jubilant river, youth flows our happiness and confusion. Youth is a fleeting dream, we need to grasp it well.


江苏体彩网Life always bruises us all over, but in the end, those injured places will become our strongest places.


Youth is a good time and freedom. But I can not have, there is no pure memory of the school days, there is no freedom of youth, the only thing left is the vision of the future, the desire for freedom.


Don't blame your frivolity. It's the brightest sign of youth. Don't feel inferior to your shallowness. After years of polishing, you will get full of wisdom and experience.


江苏体彩网Youth's feet go to water on foot, and the way of life depends on us to explore. Don't sigh, don't stop, think, struggle, take advantage of the prosperity, don't let the time flow.


江苏体彩网I just received my ex-boyfriend's wedding message: Will you marry me? I silently returned three words: next time.


When we have experienced, failed, sad, happy, happy, everything is over. Whether beautiful or not, youth is only once, which is the most memorable day.


In the face of dangerous beaches and torrents, the weak will choose to escape and give up, while the strong will choose to face challenges. The infinite joy of life lies in the everlasting light bursting out in the challenge of life.


Youth, is short, is gorgeous, like a meteor, dazzling light, but ultimately can not escape the fate of loss. We will never forget that she shined once.


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